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March 22, 2009

Network ports which are used by Dynamics CRM application

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one of my colleague requested for information in what are the necessary ports that needs to be opened or given access so that Dynamics CRM application can work well.

I would like to link to this article for details: http://rc.crm.dynamics.com/rc/regcont/en_us/op/articles/crmports.aspx


March 19, 2009

IE Developer Toolbar in IE 7

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This is the first time i use IE Developer Toolbar in IE 7.

Some setting needs to be configured :

*) show the IE Developer toolbar from Tools -> Toolbars -> Explorer Toolbar -> Show IE Developer Toolbar

*) configure Tools -> Internet Options -> check the “Enable third- party browser extensions”

Obtaining the link to download the attachment

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When i observed how does the CRM save the attachment such as Microsoft Word document or Microsoft Excel document, actually CRM is saving them as a series of text.

After trying to manually save that series of text with the correct file extension, it’s still cannot be read.

After googling around, i found this useful article : http://mscrm4ever.blogspot.com/2009/02/displaying-image-in-iframe.html

To obtain the correct link to the attachment inside the notes, i can use this link :

Subsitute the MSCRMOrganizationName with your correct MS CRM Organization Name. AttachmentType = 5 means that we are trying to retrieve an attachment from inside the Notes entity. Annotation object type code is 5. The AttachmentId here is referring to the annotationid of the particular attachment

To obtain the correct link to download the attachment of the email, i can use the following link : http://localhost/MSCRMOrganizationName/Activities/Attachment/download.aspx?AttachmentType=1001&AttachmentId=E0A91814-2614-DE11-9396-0003FF4F593C

AttachmentType=1001 is referring to the Email object type code. AttachmentId here is referring to the activitymimeattachmentid

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