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April 27, 2009

Bug at the PartyName of the Activities

Filed under: Dynamics CRM — haditeo @ 9:57 pm

Please refer to the following screenshot.


Currently the recipient of this email activity is configured correctly by the CRM to “Company_1088840” which is the title of the account itself. This is the expected correct result.

Compare this with the previous invalid value below


Before it was corrected, the CRM will display it as “Company_1088840ACRAName/Name”. Look at the watch window for details.

Previously the line is written as : sPartyName = crmForm.customerid.parentElement.previousSibling.innerText;

and i have corrected this to : sPartyName = crmForm.customerid.parentElement.previousSibling.childNodes[0].innerText;

The above line of code is contained in the “\_static\_CS\cases\cases.js” file

If you notice in the Call Stack window, there are quite a number of methods that have been called, before it finally hit locAddActTo method. Previously i traced this by placing “debugger” line in the safeWindowShowModalDialog method.


Remember that this is an UnSupported modification of the CRM javascript code. Please perform this modification with your own risk.


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