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March 4, 2010

Hello World from Android Emulator

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Curious at how to test Android application through Android emulator, i started by reading through the Quick Start Page

Encountered two issues:

  1. Downloaded Eclipse Classis previously. When i tried to install the ADT Plugin for eclipse, i have encountered several error messages saying that some packages need to be downloaded. Eventually i downloaded the Java J2EE Version of Eclipse
  2. Since i used Microsoft Virtual PC for testing purposes, during the downloading of Android Platform, i encountered the issue that it needs to connect to internet to download the necessary Android Platform. No choice, i turned on “Shared Networking (NAT)”, so that the guest machine can connect to internet.

I noticed that at the first time, when the emulator is booted up, it took a while. Subsequently, i just recompiled my code and automatically the emulator loaded the new code

Notice that the application icon is shown at the 3rd row and 3rd column.

When it’s clicked, it shown the Hello World text

Screenshot of Youtube

Screenshot of Facebook


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